Falconry in Buffalo & Niagara Falls, NY

About Us

We are a team of licensed falconers and raptor educators whom provide professional education about the natural world. Our specialties include photography displays, free flight demonstrations, educational talks, booth-type displays, and more. We are also available for private events, weddings and photography sessions. Please email us to inquire or click "Our Programs" above.


What is Falconry?

Falconry is a tradition that can be traced back to ~1000 BC in Ancient Mongolia, where a human and trained raptor worked together to hunt quarry (wild game) in the natural environment. Today, falconry is used as an important tool to keep gulls and other birds away from airport runways (abatement). Falconers can also aid in rehabilitation of injured raptors that must reconditon muscling before release, or orphaned nestlings that need to learn from another member of their species to prevent imprinting on humans. 

A 501 c 3 organization

Providing flight demonstrations, falconry services, educational presentations & bird of prey experiences for over 20 years. 

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